The Department of Music offers students the opportunity to study with gifted, nationally and internationally recognized faculty while pursuing their undergraduate or graduate music degrees.

Undergraduate students may choose to pursue a Bachelor of Arts degree in Music, the Bachelor of Music in Music Education, or a Bachelor of Music degree. Students choosing a career path in the Bachelor of Music degree may specialize in one or more areas of emphasis: music composition, music performance, music theory, or the Bachelor of Music degree with elective studies in business.

Master of Music students can pursue emphases in composition, instrumental conducting, instrumental performance, music education, music history, or theory.

Graduate students who have completed an MA Degree or its equivalent have the opportunity to further develop their musical skills in a performance-intensive program culminating in a Graduate Certificate in Advanced Performance.

Undergraduate Auditions

Voice majors should be prepared to perform two songs in contrasting styles from the standard repertoire (First Book/Second Book of Solo Songs compiled by Joan Boytim; various Italian, German or French Art Song collections; etc.). Both songs should be memorized and demonstrate technical proficiency, musicality, and an aptitude for success through continued study. One piece should be sung in English and the other may be in a foreign language. No unaccompanied pieces or prerecorded accompaniments please. An accompanist will be provided.

Because of limited space, each professor may only be able to accept a select number of students into their studio each year. Your preparation for the audition is vital to your success.

Graduate Auditions

The choice to pursue musical studies at the graduate level is an important decision in the continuing development of a musician’s skill. We welcome the opportunity to assist you and encourage you to make careful preparation for your audition/interview. This process is vital to your success.

Candidates should be prepared to perform a twenty‐minute program displaying different styles and languages.

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