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The Department of Music offers three undergraduate degrees in music: a Bachelor of Music, Bachelor of Music Education, and a Bachelor of Arts in Music. All degrees offer training in performance, theoretical studies, and pedagogical learning to help propel students into a variety of exciting career paths. Our undergraduate alumni enjoy rewarding careers as educators, performers, and creatives in the world of music, with many going on to prestigious graduate programs around the world. 

Bachelor of Arts in Music

The BA is a liberal arts degree focused on music studies. Students in the BA program can pursue a number of paths in music and enjoy flexibility in elective hours to pursue personal and career interests. Many double majors are encouraged to pursue the BA degree for its flexibility.

No application to Music is required for the BA program, but those seeking scholarship opportunities in Music must apply and audition.

The Bachelor of Arts in Music is a liberal arts degree that gives students flexibility in curricular content that lends to diverse and interdisciplinary learning environments. Students in the BA program can build course loads to prepare in specific ways for a variety of career paths. Students must complete a core of classes in the Department of Music and within the Fulbright College of Arts and Sciences, but have considerable freedom in a large pool of elective hours.

The BA is ideal for students pursuing a double-major or pre-professional degrees such as pre-med or pre-law. Students interested in Music Industry studies are also encouraged to pursue the BA due to its ability to support elective hours in the growing field of music business, production, and industry. The Bachelor of Arts in Music also supports musicians who might find interest in career paths in arts administration, writing, academics (musicology/ethnomusicology), and beyond.


Bachelor of Music

The BM is a professional degree with concentrated studies in music. There are six concentrations in the degree: Music Education, Performance, Music Theory, Composition, Performance with Business Electives, and Performance with Jazz Studies.

An application and audition is required for all BM programs. Student must be admitted to a studio for private instruction and scholarship opportunities are possible for all qualified applicants.  Apply here.

SBM in Composition – Students active in creating their own compositions in the Western art music tradition can concentrate their studies in the Composition degree. Most students complete core music curriculum in the first two years, including applied private instrument/voice lessons, before beginning composition lessons.

 BM in Music Education – Our most popular degree plan, the BM in Music Education trains music teachers resulting in a K-12 certification with a wide scope of studies. Instrumental and Choral tracks provide specialized training for professional music teachers, but the UA program also includes coursework in elementary education and special needs education.

 BM in Music Theory – The Music Theory degree allows students to concentrate on theoretical studies of musical structure while completing requirements in applied music studies, music history, and performing in ensembles. Advanced studies in theory and a senior writing project are required.

 BM in Performance – The Performance concentration prepares students for careers in a variety of performing opportunities. With extended studies in repertory, literature, and performance practice, many students go onto successful studies at some of the nation’s most prestigious graduate programs.

 BM in Performance with Jazz Studies – The Jazz Studies degree is a performance-based degree with concentrated studies in jazz analysis, history, and applied study. Students in this degree plan have a wide variety of options in performance practice including studies in improvisation, world music studies, and music production.

BM with Business Electives – The BM with Business Electives is designed for students interested in concentrating on a professional music degree while having electives in the Walton College of Business. Students complete applied private studies and standard music core curriculum and can choose from a variety of business courses for credit.


Bachelor of Music Education

The University of Arkansas Music Education program attracts students from all over Arkansas and surrounding areas. The well-respected faculty engage students in rigorous and cutting-edge curriculum. From tactics in teaching music to students with special needs to integrating technology and non-traditional learning methods into music education, the program pushes students to think in new ways as future educators.

Throughout the program, students are provided opportunities to observe, interact, and instruct K-12 music students in public schools to discover paths that speak to them most – be it elementary general, vocal, or instrumental music. Upon completion of a semester-long internship, UA Music Education majors enjoy a high success rate in finding teaching positions throughout Arkansas and beyond.

Minor in Music

The Minor in Music is one of the most popular minors on campus. Private lessons and studies in music history, music theory, and ensemble performance are quite common. Students pursuing the Minor in Music can continue their musical experiences from high school years while pursuing other career paths.

The Music Minor requires a minimum of 18 semester hours in music courses to include MLIT 1013, MUTH 1603, MUTH 2603, and either MUHS 3703 or MUHS 3713; other courses to be determined by the student in consultation with a music faculty adviser. 6 of the 18 hours must be at the 3000 level or higher.

The student must notify the Department of Music of their intent to minor.

For assistance or questions regarding the music minor, please contact our music minor advisor, Dr. Cory Mixdorf at 479-575-4711 or cmixdorf@uark.edu.


For detailed information about specific degree plans, including course requirements, visit the University of Arkansas Catalog of Studies.