Areas of Study

a piano player

The Department of Music offers a comprehensive program for undergraduate and graduate students. The department is divided into several areas, some of which overlap by curriculum and faculty. Each area work in concert to deliver the best in instruction.

Bachelor of Arts in Music

The Bachelor of Arts in Music program is run by a diverse group of performers, researchers, and industry-focused professors that help students take advantage of a flexible curriculum to build plans that best fit students' needs. Each student is provided with a faculty mentor to help plan for academic and professional success.


The Brass Area faculty offer private instruction in trumpet, horn, trombone, euphonium, and tuba. With four faculty members, the Brass Area provides instruction in pedagogy, performance, technique, and collaboration.


The Conducting program at the University of Arkansas includes both choral and instrumental conducting techniques. Most undergraduate students take conducting courses and for those students who wish to further develop their skills, a graduate degree in conducting is also available.


The Guitar program offers training in both jazz and classical performance practice. Students focus on technique and style, transcription, interpretation, and improvisation. Additionally, guitar students receive instruction in music industry practices.


Jazz Area faculty offer training in performance, education, historical, and pedagogical studies. With a variety of courses and performance ensembles, the Jazz Area offers a wide range of training for musicians interested in jazz and related fields.


The Keyboard Area at the University of Arkansas trains students in solo and collaborative piano as well as piano techniques for non-piano majors. Faculty and students in the area perform regularly alongside their colleagues and classmates. 

Music Education

Music Education is a comprehensive program for students interested in K-12 music teaching. The Music Education faculty offer training in elementary music, secondary choral, band, and orchestra, as well as music education for special needs students.


Musicology faculty members focus on a wide range of music topics. All music students take musicology courses in their programs of study. Musicological training teaches analytical and research skills needed by all musicians.

Music Theory & Composition

From aural skills to score analysis, music theory is a cornerstone of music training. The Music Theory & Composition faculty offer a wide range of courses for undergraduate and graduate study. 


The Percussion program at the University of Arkansas provides a full range of solo, chamber music, and large ensemble experiences. Students enjoy individual attention while working collaboratively in performance.


The String Area offers training in violin, viola, cello, and string bass. Through private practice, solo, chamber music, and ensemble performance, the Strings Area offers an individualized training for performers and educators in strings.


Students in the Voice Area work with faculty to develop their artistry and hone their craft as young performers and educators. The Voice Area is comprised of four studios providing private lessons and studio classes for students.


The Woodwinds faculty offer private study in flute, oboe, clarinet, saxophone, and bassoon. With a faculty of six musicians, students learn solo, chamber music, and collaborative performance practice in woodwind reperatory.