Inspirational Chorale


The mission of the Inspirational Chorale is to keep the black sacred music tradition alive. The ensemble provides a forum where university students, regardless of ethnicity, can perform the various genres of the tradition. The Inspirational Chorale – as an integrated part of the Department of Music, the academic community, and the community at large – has enjoyed an illustrious reputation while performing for dignitaries and heads of state. The ensemble has made appearances at state and regional conferences, including the 2020 Regional Conference of the American Choral Director's Association.  The Chorale regularly tours both domestically and internationally, recently traveling to Ireland, China, and Jamaica.

The Inspirational Chorale is split into two sections:

Section one is an auditioned ensemble of 24-32 voices that performs a wide range of repertoire, including gospel music, spirituals, and sacred music from the traditional classical canon. Section one meets on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Section two does not require an audition and performs primarily gospel music and spirituals. Section two meets on Thursday evenings.

Audition Information

There are no audtions for Section two (Inspirational Singers), just sign up!

Information for auditions into the Section one (Inspirational Chorale) can be found here. Auditions occur in the first week of classes.



Inspirational Chorale (Section 001)
TR 2:00-3:30pm

Inspirational Singers (Section 002)
Thursday 6:00-7:30pm

Rehearsal Location: MUSC 335

Listed under: MUEN 1421, 2421, 3421, 4421, 4621, 5421.
Freshmen enroll in the 1000 level, sophomores in the 2000 level, etc.