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Music Outreach

University of Arkansas Music Outreach programs strive to offer high-quality music programs to a broad community base. We do this by offering a comprehensive music program, providing educational and enriching musical experiences for all ages. Community outreach is one of our highest priorities, and our vision supports this objective.

We envision a community of individuals enriched, educated, and inspired by lifelong musical opportunities. Students of all ages, through their creative expression, will contribute to the musical life in the community. By advocating lifelong learning in the arts, the Department of Music helps to regenerate the community’s musical legacy, fosters an appreciation for the arts, and sets the stage for each future generation.

By providing a quality foundation for students of all ages and abilities to reach their greatest musical potential, our programs nurture the creative spirit for personal growth and satisfaction. We offer a broad spectrum of musically educational and enriching opportunities, enabling families to learn more ways of exploring the world together through music. We provide intergenerational relationships through musical participation and opportunities to share the joy of music with friends, and peers in groups large and small.

In addition to serving our students by representing music education in the community, we strive to be a resource for information about community-wide music activities.

Music Outreach programs are not-for-profit, and do not discriminate in admission, education, employment, scholarship or financial aid policies on the basis of race, color, creed, national or ethnic origin, sex, age, or handicap.

Visit the Music Outreach website.

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